Catalog 3

Mounting devices and accessories

Unwinding equipment, mounting ladders, rollers, sleeves, beams, ramps and trolleys, as well as polyspast blocks, assembly swivels, holding-down clips, pendant ladders and devices for work on supporting garlands.

Elements of fastening of wires and ground-wire cables at high-voltage transmission lines

Supporting, tensioning and connecting clamps, protectors, vibration dampers, ropes for fastening wires – everything for fixing, suspending and attaching wires and ground-wire cables to power transmission lines.

Cables and wires

Extensive choice of cables and flexible power wires up to 1 kV, control cables, power cables with PVC, SPE, paper or rubber insulation for various voltages, wound and self-supporting insulated wires.

Crosspieces, clamps, capping

Wide choice of elements for steel structures of power transmission lines: traverse TN, traverse TM, clamps, caps, extensions TS, brackets, onlays. All products have undergone the required tests, are certified and comply with the standards of FGC JSC.