Power transformers

Single-phase and three-phase power autotransformers 220-500 kV, single-phase and three-phase power transformers 220 - 500 kV. We supply all types of stabilizing devices to civil and industrial energy facilities.


Power transformers

  • Power transformers 6-10 kV
  • Power transformers 12-20 kV
  • Power transformers 25-27.5 kV
  • Power transformers 35 kV
  • Power transformers 110 kV
  • Power transformers 220 kV and higher

Our company provides complex deliveries of electrical equipment to energy facilities located anywhere in Russia. In this section of the catalog you can see our offers and order power transformers and accessories thereto, produced by leading Russian manufacturers. We offer only certified equipment that has undergone strict quality control and meets the applicable norms and requirements of the State Standard.

Relevant prices for power transformers, terms and availability of delivery of the order to a certain region – all of this you can learn by phone from our managers.

Power transformers 220-500kV

The main purpose of the devices is to convert the voltage to the required level, which ensures stable transmission of electricity from the generators to the end users.

Transformers are used everywhere in various energy facilities: in electric networks of external installations, in power plants and generators, in urban and industrial electrified transport networks. The quality of devices for energy conversion largely affect both the stable operation of electrical substations, and also the rationality of the entire power supply system.

Factors to consider when choosing a transformer:

  • device power which should be sufficient to cope with the expected loads;
  • scope of application, including type of load, installation site, ambient temperature, gas content of air, presence of fumes and dust in the premises;
  • the availability of increasing the power for specific application conditions;
  • type of dielectric (dry or liquid), largely affecting the efficiency of equipment;
  • material for winding: power transformers are produced with winding of aluminum and copper conductors; copper winding has higher strength, but with equal other characteristics, the cost of devices with aluminum winding is much lower;
  • overload a transformer can withstand;
  • the service life, depending on the temperatures which the insulation system of energy conversion devices is exposed to.

Our company organizes the supply of various types of single-phase and three-phase voltage regulators. Devices are delivered by various modes of transport, depending on the location of the energy facility and the customer’s wishes.

In addition to double-wound power converters, you can also purchase autotransformers that are smaller in size, exhibit less energy loss and less voltage change with increasing load. The winding of autotransformers has 3 or more outputs and allows simultaneous reception of different voltages. In this case, only a partial power is transformed, so the devices show a higher efficiency.

You can order autotransformers and double-wound power transformers at a competitive price from our managers at any convenient time. Our catalog lists all the main characteristics of each device type. By opening the tab with the appropriate type of transformers, you will find complete information about the dimensions, weight, rated power, voltage, regulation and cooling method.

You can also leave a request, and our specialists will select the optimal equipment according to the order specification for any energy facility.

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