Overvoltage limiters

Overvoltage limiters are designed to protect against switching and lightning overvoltages of electrical equipment. We offer a wide range of non-linear overvoltage limiters for networks of various voltage classes.


Overvoltage limiters

The main purpose of overvoltage limiters is to prevent short circuits in the electrical network that arise as a result of switching on, switching off or switching over electrical circuits, as well as lightning discharges and other phenomena. The use of high quality limiters excludes insulation breakdowns and ensures the stable functioning of electrical networks and installations.

Our company sells the most effective of existing means of protection – overvoltage limiters with a housing made of polymer materials. A wide range of products that we offer includes limiters for use in electrical installations of networks with a nominal voltage of 0.22-0.4kV and from 3 to 750kV.

Overvoltage limiters provide

  • deep limitation of all types of surge impulses;
  • continuous operation in the protected network;
  • the absence of an accompanying current after a voltage drop;
  • scattering of high power;
  • resistance to external pollution;
  • high explosion safety;
  • maintaining characteristics throughout the service life.

Overvoltage limiters with a polymer housing are optimal for use in a wide variety of conditions, including the territories of industrial enterprises with a high level of atmospheric pollution. They are resistant to extremely low (down to -60 °C) and high (up to +45 °C) air temperatures, are fully adapted to the climatic conditions of Russia.

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