High-quality insulators for fastening and insulating unprotected wires. Glass, polymer and porcelain insulators from the leading Russian manufacturing plants are in stock and can be separately ordered.



  • Glass insulators
  • Polymeric insulators
  • Porcelain insulators
  • Supporting insulators

Electrical insulators are classified according to their purpose, design, material of manufacture, technical characteristics and operating conditions.

  • Supporting.
    • For working indoors — with a smooth surface and ribbed.
    • For working outdoors — pin-, rod-type.
  • Pass-through.
    • For working indoors — with current-carrying buses (current leads), without current-carrying buses.
    • For working outdoors — with normal and reinforced insulation.
  • High-voltage inputs for working outdoors — waterproof and non-waterproof design.
  • Linear for working outdoors — pin, plate, rod, nut, anchor.
  • Protective — hollow insulator intended for use as an insulating protective cover of electrical equipment.
  • Rigging insulator for installation between stretching cables of antenna masts, suspension of the contact network, wires of antennas.

Electrical insulators can be made of glass, porcelain and polymer materials. Porcelain insulators are covered with glaze to improve the insulating properties.

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