Cables and wires

Extensive choice of cables and flexible power wires up to 1 kV, control cables, power cables with PVC, SPE, paper or rubber insulation for various voltages, wound and self-supporting insulated wires.


Cables and wires

Cables and wires we offer

Our company offers a wide range of products that fully comply with the current GOSTs and DSTU and can satisfy the highest demands of construction and industrial organizations that equip facilities with electrical routes and special equipment.

Power cable with SPE insulation is one of the most popular and effective types of cable products for transmission and distribution of electricity in stationary installations. It has a low coefficient of dielectric loss and high capacity, moisture, thermal and wear-resistant, and is environmentally friendly.

Power cables with PVC insulation are suitable for laying electrical grids, both in the open air and in ground trenches, tunnels, in damp and dry rooms, in flammable and explosive structures, in environments with corrosive activity of low, medium and high degree. Cables are characterized by high strength and function normally even at high temperatures (up to +50 С).

Cable with paper insulation is a kind of power cables used for distribution and transmission of electricity in stationary devices with voltage up to 35kV. Can be laid on the ground, under water and overhead. Cables are designed to work in a non-corrosive environment, with an air temperature of -50 to +50 C.

Power cables with rubber insulation are suitable for operation in temperate and tropical climates. Products are resistant to moisture, have high elasticity, are resistant to various alkalis, acids and oils, but poorly resist sunlight.

Flexible power wires and cables attach mobile mechanisms to the mains. Due to their high flexibility, UV-resistance and wear resistance, flexible cable-conductor products are excellent for use both outdoors and indoors.

Control cables allow monitoring the status, position and operation of objects with difficult access for one reason or another.

Self-supporting insulated wires (SIW) are reliable and convenient to use. They provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the power transmission lines, and in addition, are optimal as an element of electrical input in private construction. SIW wires can be suspended on supports with different voltages and simultaneously with telephone lines, they are resistant to aggressive external environment, have high mechanical strength and are not subject to corrosion.

Selecting cables and wires

The right choice and the correct use of one or another type of cable guarantees the stable operation of electrical installations, and also helps to ensure the proper level of electrical and fire safety of the facility. When ordering the equipment, take into account:

  • maximum electrical loads;
  • electrical characteristics of cables and wires;
  • individual operating conditions: climatic features, air humidity and the presence of additional sources of moisture in the serviced area, complexity and length of the electric path.

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