Wires for Power Transmission Lines

A full range of uninsulated wires for power transmission lines to transfer electrical energy from sources to consumers' electrical receivers. We sell wires of grades А, АС, АСКС, М, according to GOST 839-80.

Overhead Line Hardware for Power Transmission Lines

A wide choice of coupling, contact, protective, connecting, spiral, supporting and tensioning hardware for power transmission lines, as well as overhead line hardware for high-voltage lines and overhead lines with shielded wires, and tools to mount high-voltage lines with self-supporting insulated wires.

Reinforced Concrete Supports for Power Transmission Lines and Products for Power Transmission Lines

Reinforced concrete supporting structures for power transmission lines with a voltage of 0.38-35 kV and 35-750 kV, all types of reinforced concrete foundation elements for power transmission line supports and reinforced concrete products for the construction of substations, heat power plants and nuclear power plants.

Metal supports of power transmission lines

Metal structures of steel supports for high voltage lines of 35, 110, 220, 350, 500, 750 kV. Structures may be delivered in accordance with the customers' drawings of the metal structures.

Power transformers

Single-phase and three-phase power autotransformers 220-500 kV, single-phase and three-phase power transformers 220 - 500 kV. We supply all types of stabilizing devices to civil and industrial energy facilities.

Overvoltage limiters

Overvoltage limiters are designed to protect against switching and lightning overvoltages of electrical equipment. We offer a wide range of non-linear overvoltage limiters for networks of various voltage classes.

Overhead ground-wire cable

Ground-wire cables and steel ropes for protecting conductors of high-voltage transmission lines from direct lightning strikes. We supply various types of ground wires for reliable operation of your equipment.


High-quality insulators for fastening and insulating unprotected wires. Glass, polymer and porcelain insulators from the leading Russian manufacturing plants are in stock and can be separately ordered.

Mounting devices and accessories

Unwinding equipment, mounting ladders, rollers, sleeves, beams, ramps and trolleys, as well as polyspast blocks, assembly swivels, holding-down clips, pendant ladders and devices for work on supporting garlands.

Elements of fastening of wires and ground-wire cables at high-voltage transmission lines

Supporting, tensioning and connecting clamps, protectors, vibration dampers, ropes for fastening wires – everything for fixing, suspending and attaching wires and ground-wire cables to power transmission lines.

Cables and wires

Extensive choice of cables and flexible power wires up to 1 kV, control cables, power cables with PVC, SPE, paper or rubber insulation for various voltages, wound and self-supporting insulated wires.

Crosspieces, clamps, capping

Wide choice of elements for steel structures of power transmission lines: traverse TN, traverse TM, clamps, caps, extensions TS, brackets, onlays. All products have undergone the required tests, are certified and comply with the standards of FGC JSC.

Nodes and elements of optical cable fastening

Nodes and elements of optical cable fastening. We offer stock and custom schemes of tension and supporting fastenings for optical cables on supports of high-voltage transmission lines, nodes and elements of optical cable fastening, multifrequency vibration dampers, assembly devices and fittings.