We keep in step with the times

— We study prospective fields of development
— We introduce technologies and innovations that change the world
— We are looking forward to and welcome changes for the better

We value our customers

— We are looking for opportunities to become better and friendlier to the customer
— We maintain the reputation of a decent reliable partner
— We are ready for honest, long-term and sincere cooperation

We consciously use resources

— We analyze risks and cut costs
— We analyze the technological and economic risks
— We save production consumables

We strive for leadership

— We satisfy ambitions, strive to become the best in our industry
— We study new things, develop in professional and personal terms
— We adopt the mindset of a highest category businessman

We work in the team

— We are not afraid of responsible decisions and predictable complexities
— We solve all important matters together with the team
— We support and help each other, creating a friendly atmosphere in the team

Box Heading

— We take care of our health
— We help people around us
— We strive for perfection in life and customer relationships

Our Services

StroyEnergoSystems LLC  is a comprehensive supply of modern electrical equipment for energy companies, as well as organizations of construction, industrial or extractive industries throughout Russia.

The range of products sold by our company includes:

  • metal and reinforced concrete supports of power transmission lines;
  • portals;
  • linear reinforcement for overhead lines;
  • non-insulated wires for high-voltage transmission lines;
  • cables and conductors;
  • overhead ground-wire cables;
  • devices for fixing wires and overhead ground-wire cables to power transmission lines;
  • insulators;
  • overvoltage limiters;
  • optical cable fastening nodes and elements;
  • clamps, traverse, capping;
  • mounting devices and accessories;
  • power transformers.


StroyEnergoSystems LLC also provides:

  • Construction, expansion, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, all kinds of repairs of power facilities and equipment.
  • Manufacture and sale of industrial products: power and electrical equipment and electrotechnical structures.
  • Design and survey work, development of technologies for equipment, products, materials, and facilities.
  • Integrated electrification of industrial and social facilities and separate buildings.
  • Construction of overhead and cable power lines up to 220 kV and higher.
  • Performing the functions of general contractor and general designer in the construction of new power facilities.